Last Saturday morning we decided to go with Rime on a little weekend away down to San Diego.
The plan was to meet up with Persue and paint a wall that he had arranged on University in North Park and check out the Viva La Revolucion art show at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
We didnt get started on the wall till late afternoon, so we spent a few hours coming up with a concept and ideas and started marking up, and then headed down to the art show to check out whats up!

After 3 unsuccessfull efforts to sneak past security and avoid the $20 entry fee ourselves and persue conceded defeat and forked up the 20 to enter…Joe on the other hand…being Joe, had no problems and walked right through!
It was a good night..
Some good artwork….some bad artwork…
But alot of good peoples..
Thanks to Peeps and Honkey Kong for holding it down like the legends they are!

As the night moved on we proceeded to an after party where Joe kept us entertained as he wooed every lady in the room with his magical dance moves he is so famouse for!

A few hours sleep later we where back at the wall and ready to finish the wall.
Pushing through the beating sun we slowly got it done.

Myla did all the letters for everyone on the wall while myself,Rime and Persue worked on characters and background.
And a bit of extra flavour from a toothless transvestite with a nice pair of see through tights so if you are lucky enough in the right light you can see his ball sack shimmering through!!..

Before we knew it was One thirty in the morning and still had the trip back to LA to deal with.
But not before Joe added the final touches on the wall that made the day!
The Nakatomi Plaza building from Die Hard(with bullet holes and helicopters and everything), and added in Doc Brown from Back To The Future hanging from the clock on one of the building characters……Proving that sometimes its the little things that make a wall!!



A lot of the time when we explain to people what we do and how we work they say... "Man..you work together, and you are a couple! I'd end up killing my girlfriend/boyfriend if we collaborated on everything we did!" I guess we are pretty lucky...two peas in a pod! Two crazy, work-a-holic, mad dorks in a pod! After years of living, painting walls and working together we have only become closer, stronger and even more in sync. Every day we wake up, paint all day..and keep each other entertained with constant chatter and stupid jokes. Who could ask for more out of life!! We are both originally from Melbourne Australia, and have been living and working in LA for the past 2 years, soaking up the sun and chaos that surrounds us.
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