While SCIEN and KLOR of the 123 KLAN where here in LA we planned on painting another wall together before they headed back to Montreal…

Unfortunately our plans where interrupted by some less than friendly observers, and we ended up changing our plans after rolling the wall and decided to spend the day at Disneyland instead!

There is nothing worse than planning to paint, but then having something kill the vibe…there is only really one thing in the world that substitutes a day of painting……..yup!!…..SPACE MOUNTAIN!!



A lot of the time when we explain to people what we do and how we work they say... " work together, and you are a couple! I'd end up killing my girlfriend/boyfriend if we collaborated on everything we did!" I guess we are pretty lucky...two peas in a pod! Two crazy, work-a-holic, mad dorks in a pod! After years of living, painting walls and working together we have only become closer, stronger and even more in sync. Every day we wake up, paint all day..and keep each other entertained with constant chatter and stupid jokes. Who could ask for more out of life!! We are both originally from Melbourne Australia, and have been living and working in LA for the past 2 years, soaking up the sun and chaos that surrounds us.
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